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[Wednesday, 29th June,]


Come join
auto-accepting first 20 with application
Lovely Enough?

[Saturday, 18th June,]


Lovely Enough?

Reapply [Saturday, 19th March,]

everyone who wants to be in here must reapply. first 20 shall be auto-accepted =]
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stamped//leaving [Saturday, 28th August,]
sorry, but I haven't really been able to participate.
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stamped ~ THEME [Tuesday, 10th August,]

wahooCollapse )
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stamped///theme n some other pics [Monday, 9th August,]


Cherish the little thingsCollapse )

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://MOD [Monday, 9th August,]

[ mood | sick ]

if you really want to see my family..I guess I can show you..lol

my family is awesomeCollapse )


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stamped//theme [Monday, 9th August,]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey guys i dont have alot of pictures odf my family really, actually i dont have any at all accept the annual christmas picture, im not sure how old this one exactly is, but its not too to old.
whoa familyness!Collapse )

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MOD Post [Monday, 9th August,]

I have been gone alot lately..
And my computer has been messed up..
So i havent been around..
But here are a couple pictures,
from this weekend.

Pictures..Collapse )
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Do I have the Lovely look? [Sunday, 8th August,]

[ mood | giddy ]

Ok here goes nothingCollapse )

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stamped // picturesz!! [Friday, 6th August,]


I was bored so I took pictures, yay!!! They're kinda big but hope you like them anyway.

plus threeCollapse )

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Do i have the lovely look? [Friday, 6th August,]

[ mood | content ]

ApplicationCollapse )

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stamped//theme [Thursday, 5th August,]

family is what keeps us goingCollapse )
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new pictures for you :) [Thursday, 5th August,]

[ mood | confused ]

the sun still sleeps when she wakesCollapse )

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Stamped [Thursday, 5th August,]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I dont have any fun new theme pics...so....picCollapse )

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Stamped//Theme :) [Wednesday, 4th August,]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I have pics on my room and house..enjoy!!

Suburbia!Collapse )

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do i have the lovely look? [Wednesday, 4th August,]
app.<3Collapse )
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ta ta [Wednesday, 4th August,]

i 2nd that, schools coming up soon and i need to finish my books all 6 of them. I wont have time to come on during the school year. add me if you want or you can talk to me on my aim sn - nourretarded
=) x3Claire
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good-bye [Wednesday, 4th August,]

so i left for a week and when i came home i realized that my addiction to livejournal communities died. so i am leaving almost all of my communities because i spent way too much time checking them all for updates... sorry guys! add me if you want and i'll add you back!

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Do i have the lovely look? [Wednesday, 4th August,]
[ mood | crazy ]

Application and Pics.Collapse )

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